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Hello, Headache.

Today the interview with Judd Winick came out about the Wedding Special in Newsarama, and I think the whole world was surprised at what they heard.

NRAMA: Speaking of fun, and speaking of it coming to a screeching halt – that last scene. That was something that a lot of people were picking up on even before the issue. Was Ollie’s death in the mix from the start?

JW: Yeah – but actually, it was supposed to be Black Canary, but we changed our minds. How do you like them apples?

Well, Good Will Hunting, I can speak for all the fans when I say I'm shocked, shocked that DC would consider pulling a popular female character out of her series, having her team up with a guy, and then killing her off in order to give her man something to be angsty about and drive forward some plotline for him. Color us all surprised.

Now. How do I like them apples? Well. Better, honestly. But they're still pretty sucky apples. Do you know why? Because "Somebody Dies" is not a story. How do people keep not getting this? A story is a mystery to solve, a problem to overcome, a new character thrown into the mix. It's not a bunch of guys sitting around a room thinking, "Who can we kill?" It's not, "supervillains attack the wedding so someone can die at the end," it's, "here's a specific reason and way that supervillains attack the wedding." It's not, "people fight below their ability and act out of character, in order for someone to die," it's "here is the reason that people act out of character and can't fight as well as they usually can, and here's how we resolve it."

Granted, I've been sailing along just fine on the assumption that there's no way in hell that they will permanently kill off Ollie, and this interview, despite the 'dead' gives plenty of hints that Ollie will be back. But if he's not? And soon? Tell me why I should read this book.

The surprises in the plot? No. The solicits gave away every single storyline for the past year three months before the book came out. We all knew that Ollie became the mayor OYL, and fought Deathstroke. We all knew that Jason was coming to Star City targeting Mia (and god, how tedious was that, having to read two issues into the story before getting to that big reveal when we'd known about since it was blurbed in the solicit for the first book), and every single person knew, going in, that something godawful was going to happen to Ollie in the Wedding Issue.

The twist endings? Like I said, we all saw this twist ending coming. As for the other issues in the series: in every single conclusion for the last *year,* the villain beat up the good guys, set off an explosion, and got away. Seriously. Merlyn: shot Ollie through the heart, set off an explosion, got away. Red Hood: Kidnapped and beat up Mia, set off an explosion, got away. Deathstroke: Fought the entire Arrow gang until they were beaten, set off an explosion, got away. Fucking TWICE. Want to lay odds on what happens with the villains in the new series?

And finally, the writing. A lot of people criticize Judd Winick's writing. I actually really like how he writes Ollie. I like how Ollie is a fun, raunchy, stubborn, charismatic, borderline obnoxious guy. And now he's dead. And Winick's Dinah drives me up the wall. Connor I'm indifferent to. I would love if for a couple of issues Mia could not be the 'character who has HIV.'

Add into this the angst they feel over a death, and I have no reason to want to read this. I'm not flouncing off in an offended huff. I'm just depressed. I like comics, and it looks like I'm going to have one less comic to read. Crap.

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